About Us

You are unique and you deserve 1Xperience VIP

Our commitment is to each one of our customers.  We believe that experiences are more important than objects.

Experiences enrich life, give us invaluable memories and they are usually the engine for creating stronger relationships with friends and family and/or developing new relationships that enhance our network.

1XPERIENCE is about creating, living and enjoying unique life stories.  Whether its attending a world-class event like the Formula 1 Grand Prix race, driving a powerful racecar in a FORMULA 1 track or visiting Napa Valley’s top-rated wineries,  we will take care of every little detail from beggining to end.  

We specialize in tailor-made VIP experiences for small groups of people who value luxury, top  quality & personalized service.

We guarantee that you will have many stories to tell for a long time after experiencing one of our packages and you will be our VIP guest for life.

What are you waiting for?  

Look at our 1Xperiences menu and pick one (or more)!


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